Phone Dump

15 December 2014

Noah's band concert for the winter season.

P1 class officers making candy canes for students and faculty.

New training. Odin's learning to "stay" with his head still and balance a treat. So much discipline involved!

Made gingerbread cookies to avoid studying one night.

What? I guess no one else like to study at 7:30am.

Had a drizzle and a tiny ice storm one morning of finals week too.

My animals say they missed quality time with me due to all the studying.

Turned in my application at the SPCA to volunteer. I'm really hoping to do some humane education at schools and other venues.

First day of break I'm watching puppies get adopted on a super old tv show and Odin doesn't know what to make of it! 

The only thing that is not represented here is how truly STRESSFUL and OVERWHELMING last week was. I mean, I made it through and with good grades, just... wow. I'd say it was definitely my hardest finals week yet (and I've had my fair share of finals). There's no reason to dwell on it because everything went well, but boy am I glad it's over. 

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