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11 December 2014

{Doesn't he look proud?}

I can hardly believe it. I only have one final to go before winter break. Less than a week ago I was unsure of whether I would even make it to this point. Yet, here I am. And there are so many big things on the horizon! 

This may not have been revealed before on the blog, but I found an end goal to focus on. At the end of pharmacy school, there are a few options. A student can go directly into retail, they can pursue a fellowship (mostly for research), or they can pursue a residency (hospitals and the like). While I recognize that my mind my change after more exposure... I know what I want to do.

I want to be a veterinary pharmacist. 

There are only three schools in the United States that offer this residency program and between them there are five spots. This means it is quite competitive. Part of me doesn't want to share this goal with others, because I'm afraid I won't get a spot in a residency program. It's intimidating. Scary. A Challenge. But it's a challenge I'd regret not putting myself through. 

Next week I start volunteering with an Equine Hospital and I also have an appointment with a veterinarian to talk about volunteering opportunities with them. Beyond that I have an application in at the SPCA and am waiting to hear back about my training session there. It all feels just a tad overwhelming but also incredibly exciting and motivating. To top it off I heard back from my role model today and she gave some words of encouragement and advice; she said it's great to know this in my P1 year because it means I can set myself up for success. 

So, it's out there. I'm trying. If you hadn't noticed, animals are a passion of mine and it pumps me up to think that I could combine my love of science with animals. So, here's to a solid three years and lots of time with the animals I love.

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