Thanksgiving I

01 December 2014


Well, for the first part of Thanksgiving review, I loved having a real break. I realized that even though I still had work to do over break, this was the biggest break I've had since one week off in the summer. Before that I'm really not sure of the last time I didn't have work. Maybe a month after I stopped teaching? It's been constant class, then work, then more work, then school throughout the entire year (and summer). Finally, two weeks away I see a REAL break. Winter break. It is so exciting.

That does mean that I need to really buckle down right now. I've only got two weeks left to turn those two Bs into As. I can do this.

Over this little Thanksgiving break we had a few inches of snowfall which made the whole holiday feel a good deal more like Christmas than Thanksgiving. Noah and I hosted my family on Wednesday and spent time with his family on Thursday and Friday. We took one day for ourselves then yesterday hopped back on the work train.

Here are some highlights before I share a few more pictures this week.

  • I started knitting again since I had actual time to watch tv. I'm amazed at how quickly it came back to me. I watched one three minute video of how to cast on then could knit all the stitches. Feeling pretty good about that.
  • For the first time in a while I tried my hand at bass guitar... and it went shockingly well. Of course, I think bass may be the easiest instrument in the history of music to learn, but it still feels good to get back to some of my music roots. Especially in the spirit of learning something new. Relative to pharmacy it almost feels too easy.
  • Got to see family. Lots of family. Is it possible to get overwhelmed by how much family we meet over holidays? I think it's possible. 
  • The snow piled up to about three inches near the end. I don't like winter. I mean, I love Christmas (who doesn't?) but I already am tired of the cold. I want to walk my dog and see the sunshine. The snow meant that I couldn't do my Black Friday hike on Skyline Drive because it was shut down for the weather conditions. Not cool, go away snow!
  • Got to eat lunch out with the Edwards and Vances yesterday. Had a good Sunday School as is pretty typical when we're watching Rob Bell videos.
  • We put up two Christmas trees and are going to buy a third. Noah's pretty pumped because it will be our first live tree ever as a couple. I'm just ready to put up all the lights. There's something magical about the twinkling of Christmas lights and I'm aiming to have that feel in every room of the house this year. Holidays aren't far away!

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