What is free time?

13 December 2014

I'm not even sure what to do with myself today! It hasn't quite sunk in that it's break. What do people do with free time? 

Today I'm hoping to go on a carriage ride, pick a tree, and hit up the dog park with my best bud. Speaking of animal friends, I'm watching a tv series on Netflix (TV still exists I found out) and it's about the North Shore Animal Rescue in NY. The series documents some special dog cases that come into the shelter and the daily proceedings of the program (vets, grooming the dogs, behavior testing). So much fun and it's so emotional. 

I'm hoping to set up a grooming appointment for Odin this week before heading off to the Equine Hospital. We're going to hit the dog park and maybe even get a hike in. He's had to be so patient while I've been sitting indoors studying for the past two weeks.

I guess that answers my question. What do I do with free time? Try to catch up on training!

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