Bethany Beach

23 June 2014

I'm back from my weekend camp with a severe lack of sleep, so for now I'll just leave you with some photos.


18 June 2014

This weekend I will be attending the young adult camp for the first time at Bethany Beach. For years I've gone to Family Camp there and even a CYF camp or two, but I've always been busy since I was eligible for YAC.

This year though, no one from my church is going up for family camp (multiple reasons behind this) so I decided to go to YAC and join my sister and our friend Sydney up there. 

I'm even more excited than I thought I would be. It's been nearly seven years since I went to CYF and I'm ready for a spiritual experience that is unique to camp. 

I look forward to telling you about the experiences there. Hopefully I can accurately capture the experience. 

Have a great weekend!

Sam's Wedding Weekend

16 June 2014

We had a big weekend celebrating Sam and Ben's future lives together. Friday included a few hours in Pennsylvania setting up the chapel and reception followed by rehearsing the order of the ceremony and a dinner. Our rehearsal dinner table was a blast and we were all egging each other on about going to YAC (Young Adult Camp) this coming weekend and we may actually be doing it.

Then on Saturday we relaxed for a few hours in the morning before heading back up north to help Sam get ready for the ceremony. Noah played the music for the entire ceremony on the piano, including pieces like Misty, Take Me the Way I Am, and Love Story. The ceremony was sweet and went off without a hitch. Then the bridal party stayed behind for some photos before heading over to the reception location where we had food, dancing, and good times.

Sam's Getting Hitched!

13 June 2014

Two weeks ago I went to Baltimore to celebrate with Sam and her friends in the form of a bachelorette party. We walked around the harbor, hit up some eateries, and hung out by the pool. Oh and we did it all with sashes and crowns. 

Tomorrow she is getting married to Ben and they will officially start their married life together. I wish them the absolute best in their future!

How Do You Express Your Creativity?

10 June 2014


Ever notice that as kids we are given crayons and markers all the time? We do crafts at school, at church, and during free time, but then we reach middle and high school and all of a sudden those things seem childish. Sometimes that carries into adulthood and we no longer have time to pursue creative outlets.

I think we crave it. 

Lately I've been thinking about how I could be more creative. Of course, I enjoy taking pictures, but I haven't mastered the editing process and that could be a worthwhile goal this summer. Beyond pictures, I'm also trying to pick up a few more skills with photoshop. After seeing a photo that inspired me on Pinterest I went on a google search for 30 minutes to find videos that could teach me how to create a silhouette. Sure enough, with enough time and effort (relatively attainable) I figured out how to make a silhouette from a photograph on there. Hopefully I can do my own tutorial soon.

If you're craving a creativity outlet, here are some options for you:
  • Paint a stain-glass frame
  • Learn to knit a scarf (not as hard as you'd think)
  • Take a photo every day for a month
  • Paint (if you feel like you're lacking here then try a paint-by-number)
  • Take a class - lots of cities offer pottery, painting, or jewelry classes
  • Use sidewalk chalk and create a mural
  • Tie-dye a t-shirt


09 June 2014

This man is 25 today. We're gearing up for some cake, gifts, and Waffle House. Yes, he's a little strange in his favorite things but that is okay! Happy Birthday Noah!

PS - In case you're in the Winchester area, look us up. We are pet sitting this summer for all your furry, fluffy, scaley friends.


06 June 2014

We have had stunning weather here recently and I've done my best to go out and take advantage of it. To fit in with this theme, yesterday Noah and I went to the lake house to have a picnic in celebration of his summer starting. Yesterday was his last day with students! This means, besides OChem, we'll get a lot more time together soon and I'll have to tug a little bit to get us outdoors more. I think I'm up for the challenge.

We ended up eating veggie burgers with provolone, onions, and avocado along with watermelon, cantaloupe, chips, and bottled rootbeer on the dock and then just sat and enjoyed the breeze from the porch. It was a beautiful evening.

Just for Fun: Collies

05 June 2014

I love, love, love collies. I think they are a perfect size, have a great temperament, are incredibly intelligent, and are beautiful and fluff-balls. So, to be light today, I just wanted to share pictures I found on WeHeartIt with you. Of course none of them had sources (for real people), but I felt compelled to share this that I just love. 

Those last three photos are of my collie mix, Odin. He was a rescue from the shelter and is great proof that your perfect companion could be waiting for you right now to pick him or her up.

Happy Thursday! Hope these pictures of puppies will give you a smile.

Joe & Marie

04 June 2014

On Memorial Day weekend Noah and I were rather busy. It ended up a fantastic weekend spent with lots of friends and family so I feel pretty lucky with how we spent our hours. 

On Saturday we spent a beautiful day with Noah's family at the lake house for a wedding. The bride and groom were happy and perfect, the weather was incredible, and all the guests had a great day. 

I wish them the absolute best during their lives together, so glad Marie is part of the family now!
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