31 July 2014

Natalie, from The SoHo, did a photo project about relaxation. That got me thinking; I haven't relaxed enough lately. First of all, I think figuring out what relaxes you is more difficult than you might think.

We always see pictures of beaches, tea, and blankets. And, yeah, those things are very relaxing. So I guess I feel like there are two ways of relaxing.

The first way is that cozy one, where you're bundled up by the fireplace reading a good book. That's certainly relaxing. 

If you're like me though, you don't feel like your life is complete unless you're busy. So, how do you balance those two worlds? Try to figure out a way to be busy that you find satisfying or that you're passionate about. Then when you look back on your day you feel satisfied, and relaxed, knowing that you had a day you enjoyed. That's what I consider the second way to relax. 

Of course you can always have a few margaritas or something to help you along on your way to relaxing but we just won't go down that road. 

Here are some things that relax me and they combine elements from each list, both active and passive:
  • Laying down and reading under the covers
  • Drinking tea while sitting on the back deck
  • Taking Odin out - especially to classes or the dog park
  • Editing photos
  • Volunteering
  • Reading blogs
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Making/Crafting (mostly kiddie crafts because I'm not good enough for "grown up" projects)
  • Looking at photos of dogs/homes
What things do you do to help you relax? Do you prefer to be busy and moving all the time? Or would you rather stay low key and calm? 


30 July 2014

We're off to Iowa in just two days. In that time span I also need to complete a test and a final for Ochem. Hard to believe that the summer is already done. Pharmacy school starts in just over two weeks and Noah will go back to teaching in just over one. I think I'm ready to move on with life - or at least past OChem. It was a beautiful summer here but I feel like I was inside way too often and the great outdoors is calling me. 

Life Updates

24 July 2014

{Image via Tumblr, so no source shockingly}

I'm both extremely excited and nervous. I only have about a week left of my organic chemistry class before it is finished. This is the hardest class I have taken besides calculus five or six years ago. So many names of compounds and lots of different reactions have been memorized (and not so memorized) in the span of four weeks. 

The best news though, is that I have less than a month until pharmacy school begins! 

The admissions counselor created a facebook group for the incoming class to chat on and I'm looking forward to meeting so many people. Plus I get to finally embark on this final journey with academics. I'm ready. I'm waiting. 


22 July 2014

Sometimes you have a dream and you feel you need to pursue it. What is your dream?


18 July 2014

Last night Jake and I spent our evening working on creating light writing. It's the first time I dedicated some time to figuring out how to do it. On the Manual setting (M) I just set my shutter speed to 6 or 8 seconds and we would write out words with my iPhone flashlight. So simple and easy and lots of fun to create different results.

The water has been pretty cold this week in the Outer Banks but the days have been warm. The mornings and evenings are especially nice. This past year a new boardwalk has been added up on the Sound side so we can walk on it to get donuts, evening pictures, and morning papers. We'll be leaving this evening and I'll catch up on some photos from earlier in the week.


16 July 2014

Noah and I celebrated our two year anniversary on Monday. We travelled up to the Currituck Lighthouse from where we're staying in Duck. We're a little over halfway through our vacation week in North Carolina and it's our first overcast/rainy day which is allowing me to post a picture here. We've been very lucky with such warm weather this week. 

While in Corolla we visited the lighthouse, a wildlife educational center, and toured the Whalehead Club. Photos to come!

A Beautiful Mess

08 July 2014

This photo is from the blog, A Beautiful Mess. They interviewed and toured Elizabeth Morrow's home and I fell in love with it. Noah and I are looking at renovating some rooms and doing some updates around the house and looking at this was another burst of inspiration.

Blogs and Pinterest are great places to start looking for motivation and inspiration. 

Here's my goal: Redo the bathroom by the end of July.


03 July 2014

Noah and I went to Sundown, an Indie Rock and Folk festival held right here in Winchester this past weekend. We stayed for a little over four hours and, silly us, went during the hottest hours of the day. It was a fun festival and it was great to support an event like this occurring in our relatively calm backyard. My favorite band is pictured above, the group of four people on strings and their voices meshed beautifully.

Just for kicks, below is a picture of my friends' blues band, the Mudcats, that I was able to see perform later that night. They are incredibly talented and if you're in the area be sure to check out a performance sometime!

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