The Perfect End Table

24 October 2014

This morning I'm setting out the schedule for the weekend since Noah and I are heading to Charlottesville to see my sister and her boyfriend. Beside me I've got one ham of a pup who loves attention and on the other side I have the absolutely perfect end table. Yesterday Noah brought flowers (lillies!) home for me and they're sitting there along with a photo from last weekend. A speckled green coffee mug is resting easy after heavy use this morning and beside it a wine glass with a little moscato from last night residing at the bottom of the glass. Lastly, mixing in with the smell of lillies, there's a little fall harvest candle lit beside me that just completes the scene. 

I'm happy to see my family this weekend and I'm loving the time just basking in a morning that feels right

Photos from the Weekend


20 October 2014

Over the weekend Odin got a lot of time outdoors with the family. It's midterms right now so during the week we're only taking our walks and haven't been able to go to the dog park much due to time constraints. On Saturday though Odin got to go to a park and run around off leash at the dog park later in the day. Then on Sunday he hung out with me at the lake house for about two hours. We got lots of time in together and it gives me so much joy to see him running around having a good time. The big news around here for me is that we're getting a dog when my winter break hits! I'm excited to give Odin a play mate and have another pup to smother with my affection. I keep falling head over heels for dogs on Petfinder and at my shelters. Just have to take it one day at a time and get to the middle of December.

Academic Goals

  1. Be at school by 8:30am every day to study.
  2. Listen to IBHS lectures again within five days of the lecture being posted.
  3. Use Heather as an accountability partner. Tell her what I plan on accomplishing that day then send her proof of it being completed. 
  4. Turn assignments in at least two days in advance.
  5. Have a study group three times a week. 1 on weekend, 1 on Wednesday, 1 on Friday.

Interesting Links

19 October 2014

Pretty Fuzzy - Why didn't I think of this? A cute blog for all your dog related needs.

What is it like to earn the title Rodeo Queen?

How to take yourself on a date.

Obsessed.... I'm obsessed with this dog collar shop on Etsy. I foresee one in Odin's stocking this December.


17 October 2014

I remember back when I was teaching and we were supposed to make SMART goals. No, I don't mean intelligence.



As someone who tends to avoid stressful situations I'm trying to deal with them head on and that is such a challenge for me. Right now I feel overwhelmed but I'm going to work on smart goals.

Here's the first one.

I will post on Monday with a list of my academic goals.

It's a specific goal, attainable, measurable, realistic, and timely enough.

So, you get to be my accountability partner! On Monday I'll come back with a list of SMART goals that will set me on the academic path to success that I want.


16 October 2014


Recently I didn't do very well on a test for school and it's causing me a good bit of stress. I'm not used to having a bad grade in any class. Since the exam my confidence is wavering and I feel a little lost. I guess that's natural, to second guess yourself a little more when you've failed at something (even literally). 

The real question, is what is your next step?

Do you give up? Do you blame it on an outside source? Or do you say, I really could have prepared better and I can do better next time. 

That last option sounds so nice and easy but sometimes it just isn't that simple. Of course, that's what I'm telling myself to do but I still question it. What if it's too hard? What if I'm not dedicated enough? Then I realized that, like everything else, you put one foot in front of the other. Make a plan and figure out how to do better. That may mean I need to wake up earlier, lose free time, or quit some church activities. Right now, school has to be the priority in my life and I may not have made it as much of one as I should. Oh, it was #1, but church and friends were a close 2nd and 3rd. Time to up my game. 

Here's to dedication and regaining confidence.

Family Portraits

14 October 2014

Here are a few of the photos from yesterday's shoot. They are such an adorable family and it was so much fun to spend the morning with them. Something I've noticed about myself as I'm getting older is that I'm starting to enjoy time with little boys. I always thought I'd want to have girls one day and the more exposure I get to boys the more I find I really enjoy them. Just spilling out little thoughts that come into my head. That day is still a few years away from me (knock on wood), but sometimes it's just fun to guess. For now I'm quite happy with my fur babies to be honest with you.

Doing What You Love

13 October 2014

My two favorite things in life may be playing with my dog and taking photos. I was lucky this morning in that I got to take family portraits of a mom and her two awesome kids. My friend Amanda had us out at her house for the shoot and it was gorgeous: lots of land and beautiful ponds, foliage, and an apple orchard across the road.

If every day could consist of photos and playing I'd be the happiest person on this planet.  I am still learning in pharmacy, so some days I feel a little overwhelmed, but I hope it will be on the top of the list for things that I love one day too. 

When you get to do the things you enjoy the day just feels brighter! What makes you happy?

Fall Weekend

10 October 2014

Getting pumped up for apple butter tonight despite the fact that it's supposed to rain all weekend. Boo.  That's two years in a row that we'll be doing the apple butter under the shelter in an attempt to avoid the weather. 

In other news, I'm starting to watch Grey's Anatomy and, as crazy as it sounds, it's a fun way to look at some medications. I'm not saying this is a medically accurate show, but when they mention medications (like Diazepam) it's fun to look them up and see their drug class and brand/generic names. 

Looking forward to a long weekend, albeit one with lots and lots of studying!

Apple Butter Prepping

09 October 2014

Tuesday night was spent apple snitting, aka that thing you do where your hands get all slimy, discolored, and you work til your hands are so wet that your knife slips across the apple and knicks your finger... but I digress.

I actually really enjoy apple butter time at my church because it's an event that is quite unifying. Often times we focus on the worship aspect of church (which is so important) but we can't forget that part of the church's focus should be on mission. Apple butter allows us to work together in service and allows some people to show their gifts in a way that may not normally be showcased. Then the money raised from apple butter gets put towards missions, ministry, and our sister church. 

After the snitting events, we had Bible Study on Wednesday. We talked about our spiritual gifts from Ephesians 4. I think it's honestly something that could grow the church, to recognize an area where you have a strength. Especially if other people can describe what they think your gifts are. 

Sometimes all you need is encouragement.

Pumpkin Patch

08 October 2014

This past weekend Noah and I went to Hill High Farm with family and friends and had a great time (minus the chill creeping in). First the group hitched a ride on the hay wagon. This is always a treat because you get to pick a pumpkin and learn about the farm. Vernon, the resident cowboy, trots along on his horse (Bo or Rooster usually) and his Aussie pup, Max, comes running along behind him.

After the ride and talking we took on the corn maze. This covers about five acres and has a few miles of trails hidden within. This year was the most challenging year we've had in about seven years. I mean, it was tough! The reason was because so many paths connected. The past couple of years you mostly only had one path with little off shoots, which is a little too easy. This year we hit the hidden stations inside in nearly random order: 1, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. Station number 2 took up about half of our time in the maze, which this year was a little over an hour and a half. Talk about a toughy! We finished finally and Sam, Ben, Noah, and me went and bought our apple cider and headed home. It was a beautiful day for the farm and gets the gears turning in my head... I wonder what it'd be like to live on a farm...

Play Time with Odin

07 October 2014

Oh this guy? He's just my best friend. 

Odin and I have gotten some quality time in together this week which has been such a good thing for me. Sometimes I think I put too much pressure on the people in my life to help me stay happy and I need to quit because it means we'll both be let down. You know who never fails? A dog. A dog that you put time and love into and enjoy training. My goal is to make an agility dog out of him and I think we can get there, it just will have to wait until next summer when I have more time. I'm afraid of losing the energy to get him there with all the school work that comes with a doctorate program. 

I just remind myself that I'm happiest when I'm with him outdoors somewhere having fun and exercising his body and mind. 

Dogs really are (wo)man's best friend.

White Coat Ceremony

06 October 2014

I realized that I never posted anything about the White Coat Ceremony. In pharmacy school this is a celebration of the beginning, the start of your journey towards your doctorate. I was fortunate enough to have my mother-in-law coat me since she is a pharmacist, and former faculty member. All in all, it's a nice event to help you feel welcomed to the program and the profession and I actually enjoyed it more than previous graduations. 

Here's to a bright future!


05 October 2014

Best parts of the weekend:

  1. Playing with Odin
  2. Corn Maze
  3. Wagon Ride
  4. Picking a pumpkin
  5. Laser tag
  6. Conversations in Sunday School
  7. Lunch with family and friends
  8. Eating at Roma's
  9. Sleeping in
  10. Having "me time"

The Feel of Autumn

02 October 2014

I'm feeling in the mood to sit with a cup of tea, cuddle under a blanket, crunch leaves under my boots, and be contemplative about life. Typical? Fairly. 

Let's be clear though, I'm not pumpkin-spice crazy. Come on, you know that is over-hyped. Who would choose pumpkin over apple? Now, the spices are where it's at. I'll take 100 chai teas. Please and thank you. 

This weekend we may get to do a photoshoot, pick some pumpkins, and play laser tag and I'll tell you that I am really looking forward to it. It's been stressful and this sounds like a great little break. Sometimes you just need a good day with a few friends. 

Hello October

01 October 2014

It's raining here today and I have a new fall candle burning bright beside me. October 1st is a happy day for me because I love the fall and this means we're right in the middle of it with the trees just itching to shed their leaves. Fall in the Valley is my favorite time of year. 

October Aspirations:

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch
  2. Hike on Skyline Drive
  3. Do a photoshoot
  4. Have a girls night
  5. See my sister/Jake/Allison
  6. Carve a pumpkin
  7. Have a Halloween Party
  8. Host a game night
  9. Make a DIY craft
  10. Bake a new dessert

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