27 November 2014

I loved looking at all the reasons bloggers are posting that they're thankful. I'm going with health, family, ODIN, and pursuing my goals for my career. Happy Thanksgiving!


November Goals

13 November 2014

November Goals

Finish moving all our furniture

Give our living room a purpose

Create a pinboard of my ideal living room

Celebrate Thanksgiving with both families

Decorate for Christmas

Make contact with a shelter about volunteering

Life Goal: Oh, and that photo above is of the Grand Tetons. About ten years ago I was lucky enough to see these beauties for myself and now I'm aching to go back. Sometimes the travel bug bites and it just leaves an itch. Of course, I'd love to see something new too such as Half Dome or the Redwoods. It's not (responsibly) possible now, but maybe one day...

Settling In

11 November 2014

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Noah's off today for Veteran's Day and we've spent the morning moving furniture up and down two flights of stairs. Noah loves the verticality of the townhouse but for me it can become a headache after growing up in a ranch-style home. Now we have an office upstairs, a guest bedroom downstairs, and a living area in the basement. It's exciting to get the house settled into areas that have a purpose. Now I'm mostly excited to add some new furniture pieces around our home and PAINT. It seems like such a huge job... and it will take a long time to finish, but hopefully over some holiday breaks we can make headway. Here's to a new beginning!

Time of Thanks

10 November 2014

What I'm thankful for:
  • Owning a house
  • Living on our own
  • Delicious dinners (homemade pizzas, broccoli quiche, pot pies)
  • No big tests this week
  • The smell of wood-burning fires
  • Gaining 800 sq ft of house
  • I'll see my sister in a few weeks
  • New hardware in the bathroom


08 November 2014

I had a really good Friday! Sometimes you just need to find a way to relax after times of stress. Sometimes it takes a bagel and a mocha. Now for the weekend, which is looking pretty busy... Nic is moving out, the church bazaar is this morning, and I'm going bowling with the P1s tonight. It'll be a busy day but that won't stop me from getting the appropriate studying done (hello pharmacy calc). 

Here's to a good weekend!

Bathroom Before

06 November 2014

Okay, so big news for us around here is - Noah and I bought a house. To be exact, we bought this house, the townhouse we've been living in for the past year. The total rent is dropping each month when our mortgage starts and we want to put a bit of work in to fix it up. By no means is this house a "fixer upper" but it's not new construction either. My favorite thing about it is the space. My least favorite thing is the lack of windows. 

The only room in the house that I love in almost every way is our bedroom, which started off with some wild colors when we moved in. They were so horrendous that I got permission to paint the room (and money was even taken off the rent in reimbursement because it was so bad). It turned out much better after

That really is the only room we have worked on at all because we didn't know if we'd be moving again in a few months or not. We'd been talking about buying the townhome for a while now and we finally took the plunge. Now there's talks of home reno projects all the time. We decided to start with the bathroom for a few reasons: 1) It's a relatively small space and shouldn't be too hard to tackle 2) New hardware solves a lot of the problems with the dated look 3) We don't have to take up extra space downstairs working on this room while Nic is packing stuff up to move out. 

Oh, did I mention? Our last roommate is moving out this weekend and I might be more excited about that than just owning the house. Lame? Maybe. But I'm just ready to tackle this space and make it feel like my home in a way that no place has felt since Harrisonburg. 

A Hard Few Days

02 November 2014

It's been difficult around here lately. It seems like my life is a big ball of stress and work sometimes. The only thing that makes me uncontrollably happy is Odin because he's the only positive thing I get in abundance any more. 

I don't mean this to sound depressed... though sometimes I wonder about it still, but rather that life just gets difficult and messy sometimes. With school, lack of friends in the area, and a lack of time with my husband it feels like I'm constantly trying to work through some project or other to get to free time, yet I never quite make it. Or I choose to add stressors to my life. I have a hard time saying no. Rather, perhaps I have a bad habit of initiating then realizing I've taken on too much but feel to ashamed to say anything about it. 

Right now it feels like I've had so much emotion built up in me over the past few months (years?) that I've almost reached a wall where it suddenly has all fallen off and instead of being sad or angry I am almost just void. Like, I'm going through the motions because that's what my script says to do. Only when I get to run with Odin do I feel free so I'm trying to spend a lot of time at the lake. Thank goodness for (wo)man's best friend.

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