Bon Matin Chez Leroy

18 January 2015

There's a new french bakery in town and I love it. You can bet that it'll be featured on here a little more often. Surprisingly, Winchester didn't have a bakery before this (not for the past few years anyways). Noah and I always say it's one of the first things we would have added to our town and ta-da! Here we go. 

Since we were eating as a sort of brunch, the spinach and feta quiche and a raspberry croissant were our selections. They were both mouth wateringly delicious. 

With my sweet tooth I really loved the croissant, and Noah loved the savory quiche. I'd highly recommend it for a small lunch with a girlfriend, or a place to study, or even a small bible study/study group meeting place. I hope they find a lot of success and that we can enjoy their baked goods for years to come.

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