Phone Dump (of the severest nature)

09 January 2015

Christmas Eve at my Grandpa's

At the christmas tree farm

Deliciousness at ZZ Kabobs

A day of recovery after a few days of stomach flu. 

Odin got a haircut and he loved it.

Hollar! Date at the movies.

Playing bass at church.

Trying new restaurants downtown with Bob, Nic, and Chris.

Exploring a winter wonderland.

Kelsey and Ryan walking back down the mountain 
to my van after visiting my aunt and uncle.

Cousins hanging out.

Decorated home and new painting options.

One of my best friends and I met in Front Royal
for some Mexican and girl time. 

Fondue at game night.

Party at the lake.

Freshly painted living room with Odin being a ham.

A layer of new fallen snow.

SNOW DAY. Just two guys having a good time.

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