A Good Week

24 February 2015

So far it's been a great week for me! Sunday was a fairly lazy day since church was cancelled due to snow. In the evening Noah and I met the Vances and Gates for dinner to celebrate Ben's upcoming birthday at Fridays. Monday was filled with class, but then Will and I studied together for a few hours (interspersed with KE activities & interviews) before we got pinned as potential members for Kappa Epsilon. 

The pinning was a great experience (Kelly, Jeff, Will, and I were brought in) and then the new members, new member coordinators, and another brother went out for Mexican food afterwards on a whim. It was honestly a great first social for us and was the best Monday night I've had in a long, long time. It felt like a Friday night for me. If this Monday evening is indicative of the future I have with Kappa Epsilon then my next few years in pharmacy school should be a blast. 

Then today I had my placement and I really enjoyed that. This will sound odd, but I don't think too much about it until I'm there on Tuesdays and that's a good sign. I dreaded going in to work so much in my "past life", so arriving at work now with no worries and happiness is an incredible feeling. I could do this forever. So far I have really, really enjoyed my placement at the Target Pharmacy and I'm considering working there over the summer (if I can get a tech position there). 

To top it off, I'm getting compliments on my hair every day and it may sound silly, but that means a lot to me. Each day I'm trying a different hairstyle (I think I've gone three weeks straight now without duplicating a hairstyle). After growing up and never caring about looks and finally feeling relaxed enough as a young woman that I'm not stressed over my days... I actually have some motivation to dress exactly the way I want to each morning. Girls are looking forward to seeing my hair each day in school and I enjoy figuring out what style I want to mimic from Pinterest. It's a small thing, but it's been a lot of fun doing the blowouts and, my personal favorite, braids

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Rebekah said...

Hey Alli! Just popped over to say - Hi! You entered the giveaway I'm doing with MissySue.com for Lilla Rose and I always love to see the blogs of people that enter! The name of your blog is great - my husband is a big tea drinker and he is always complaining that people discriminate against tea drinkers because everyone offers coffee, but not always tea - we even went to one church that provided hot water, but no tea bags! LOL!!! Poor hubby. Anyhow - thanks for entering the giveaway - hope your weather starts to warm up soon - we're in NE and it's coooold here too! Blessings, Rebekah

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