Fireside Fun

09 February 2015

Noah and I hosted the first Fireside Fun youth night this weekend. Our education committee at church is starting up a monthly event that brings kids to church members home for fun, fellowship, and a bible lesson. All the host does is provide a space and food and I love to host, so Noah and I signed right up for the first event.

When we got there, we invited everyone inside and the kids started off by playing ping pong while the parents chatted. Noah and I started up a fire outside which was a little challenging since there's been a decent amount of snow and ice here for the past two weeks, but this girl scout knew what she was doing.

The kids ate pizza and had a lesson (and watched part of Lion King too) then came out had some smores by the fireside. We all had a great time!

Soon we'll have the mentor program up and running too, and that's something I'm really looking forward to. I had a mentor and that really helped me get to know someone in the church that I didn't know before. Then in Circle K we started up a Bigs and Littles program and that turned out to be an amazing idea for our organization. When groups get too big, people tend to form cliques a little bit because you get to know a certain small group of people well. Having a mentor program/bigs and littles can really let you get to know someone on an individual basis that you probably wouldn't have otherwise. I love all the kids at church so I'm excited to see who Sydney pairs me up with.

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