Phone Dump

22 February 2015

{Presenting a research poster}

{It's been so cold even the lake is frozen}

{Even in winter I love being outside}

{Picking up donuts for P1s}

{study sesh before our practical}

{Rumbleroar tshirt that I'm crazy about}

{Valentine's at Paper and Scissors Rock}

{Making falafel}

{Praise Band on Sunday mornings}

{Finally proof that I met Will.I.Am with my sister}

{Stir crazy and building card castles}

{Speaks for itself... it's been that type of month}

{Pharmaceutics lab}

{Game Night playing Smash Up}

{brrr... walked around the retirement home in the midst of a snow storm}

{Hanging with the puppy}

It's been a busy month so far with no signs of letting up. That's the way I like it though. 

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