Walk the Walk

10 February 2015

You know that phrase "walk the walk, don't talk the talk"? To make a good impression, and to show people you really back your beliefs, I think it's incredibly important to be a sermon others see. At the church board meeting last night the Praise Band mentioned that there is a software program we would like to have that would give us unlimited modern music and include the chords, lead sheets, and sheet music. We've had our eye on this for a while. 

The first encouraging thing to happen when we brought up the new software was support from the majority of the board and the Worship Committee offered to cover the costs of the program. At the end of the meeting someone came over to Noah and me and said that they would cover the cost of the software themselves, but that we should keep it to ourselves. So, that gesture made the entire meeting so worthwhile. This is the not the first time this person has impressed me with their ability to walk the walk and single-handedly kept me in the church because of their inspiration and I'm sure they don't know the impact they have had on me. Just a reminder to express your beliefs because you never know who is watching.

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