Weekend: Super Bowl Edition

02 February 2015

We all know the feeling... sometimes there's just not enough time. This weekend is a great example; we enjoyed lots of activities with family and friends over the course of three days, but that makes it hard to study and prep for school. That's not saying I would change how I did anything because it was one of the best weekends I've had in a while. 

On Friday night Noah and I went to Jeff's house for a pharmacy game night. We played Small World and chatted with a group of people til about 11 when we ducked out. Noah had to get sleep before working on honor band all Saturday. 

Then on Saturday Noah left early for school only to realize that his key card still didn't work on the building, so I drove up to bring him lunch while the bands took a break since he couldn't leave the building. When I got back Kathy picked me up to take me to Lindsay's baby shower. I always enjoy time talking to Kathy since she's who I call my mom. We drove out to the Sutphin farm and enjoyed some time talking with other women. After we got back home I talked to Kelsey for an hour before heading out to meet Sydney, Trevor, Sam, and Ben at the Taphouse. It's become a sort of weekend tradition to meet up with Sam and Ben somewhere downtown and I love it. It's exactly what I need at the end of the week to hang out and talk. 

Sunday was filled with church and football as I'm sure many other people also experienced. In the morning we played at 8:30 (did I mention how much fun bass has been?), had Sunday School and filled out our mentor/mentee surveys, ate lunch at La Caretta, then came back and practiced Who Am I? by Casting Crowns. We had a little bit of downtime that was used for studying and chatting with MB & Heather before heading back out to Sam and Ben's for the game. As someone who's not a football fan and who likes to get up early I was a little concerned about the length of football games, but of course the ending made the entire viewing worth it. Plus, the commercials were better than last year.

All in all it was the best type of weekend and I wish it could last longer. Alas it's Monday and it's time for exams and Rush week. Still making a decision about whether I'm going to join a professional fraternity or not. Guess I'll hear what they have to say tonight before committing either way. Hope your weekend was great too and that you have a nice week to look forward to.

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