Wine & Paint Night

27 February 2015

What a week! It's not even over yet, but I'm already wondering if I've had one better than this ever (vacations not included). Yesterday was a productive and semi-relaxing day with only one hour of class. That is unheard of in pharmacy school, but there was a delay for the morning so both labs delayed so we wouldn't have the morning and afternoon groups off from one another. Then, after our class, Will and I headed downtown to the Espresso Bar to study for four straight hours. I don't study well at home and we've been doing a great job at the school, but sometimes you just need a break from being in the same place. He loved the coffee bar and we both order drinks (cappuccino and chai) before sitting down to study. I did notice two of my former classmates there as well studying, which is the fun part of a small town. You always have the chance of seeing people you know and it gives you a good chance to catch up! 

We studied for four hours with the only breaks being when we trailed off on side stories. Then we went back to the school for our KE meeting where we met up with Kelly and Jeff to study. The only unfortunate part of my day was missing the KE social supporting CPFI at their Cici's Fundraiser. It'd have been a lot of fun to join them and chat, but I already had a ticket to go to a Wine and Paint ladies night at Brewbakers. 

I arrived and they sent me to the back room to check in and get my supplies. AJ and her friend Katie were already there so I joined them. I actually ended up seeing another girl I knew who I used to work with as a pharmacy tech, which is another example of a small town. Then more of my friends started arriving and joined us. The artist brought around paints and explained what to do with the first two colors, then would come back around and give us the next colors and tell us how to start on those. It was pretty step by step. We also all had tickets for a beer or wine so I grabbed a moscato to sip on while painting and chatting. All the girls were talking about life and school (and occasionally boys). Sometimes I really undervalue my girl time and then it happens and I keep asking myself why I didn't plan an event sooner! 

This week has just been filled with people I care about and activities that will set the days apart from others in my mind. Now, it's time to go off and study!

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