Friday Nights

29 March 2015

We had a party on Friday night at the lake and had a good number of friends come out. Initially we were planning on playing some games but we ended up mostly chatting and playing ping pong all night with different groups. Of course, since it wasn't raining we decided to have a campfire as well even though temperatures were in the 30s. Though you know what? The temperature has almost stopped bothering me at this point. When you've been out four times a day to walk a dog in the winter you almost just don't care any more how cold it is (if it's not snowing at least) as long as you can be outside. 

More and more as I get older I feel so happy to have friends and to feel motivated to experience life. I love getting outdoors, hosting parties, and making the most of the years I have. The only difficulty now is making sure I can stay on top of school AND keeping up with my relationships. It's certainly a challenge and maybe it'd be better to study all Friday night and Saturday, but I have to live a little. It's Sunday morning as I write this and Will is about to come over so we can study and we'll try to get caught up form the weekend before our exam this Thursday.

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