Game Nights

07 March 2015

Last night we went out to Jeff's place for the weekly game night and it ended up being the biggest group we've ever had. I guess since spring break is starting no one feels the need to sit and study all night on a Friday. 

We ended up playing Pictionary and started off with two teams. Then enough people arrived that we had three teams in the end (with one gaining and losing members each round). By the middle to end of the game my team was Noah, Jordan, and me. This worked out really well since none of us were drinking and had the capability of drawing and guessing really well still. For example, a guy on another team drew the below image for his team. Meanwhile, Noah, Jordan, and me were cracking up because we knew what the image was supposed to be.

Any guesses? The given word was "earthworms" and those in no way look like earthworms. Stuff like this was cropping up all night and usually ended with lots of laughs. Noah and I ended up ducking out fairly early because people brought out the hookah (which we're not into) and were gearing up for a whole other game. 

We've been lucky because we've been off of school for a few days due to snow anyways. Of course, that means some of my midterms have been delayed until after break, which makes break a little more stressful. I'll have to stay on top of my study game throughout the course of the week.

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