KE New Member Social

19 March 2015

The new members hosted a social at the lake house last night. We prepped a taco bar for dinner and everyone sat around the table and talked for a good two hours. Then we moved out to a campfire and made some smores. It ended up being the P2s and new members who stuck around for about five hours on a Wednesday night. We chatted around the warmth of the flames and joked for a long time, before I started thinking we should have gotten a chance to go out on the lake. I said as much and Michelle said "me too"! So we went and grabbed some paddles and pulled the canoe out to the water. Jeff pushed us off and we had a great time on the quiet, still water under the stars. It was beautiful. 

It was such an unusual Wednesday night and maybe my favorite ever. This year has been full of surprises and great evenings and the more time I spend with KE brothers the more I like pharmacy school. Finding a really solid group of friends can be such a challenge sometimes, but once you do try really hard not to let go. Ever since Rush week I've finally recaptured the feeling that Circle K gave me at JMU... and that makes me really happy.

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