Life Goes On

13 March 2015

Spring break is winding down and I feel like I had such a lame one. Besides hitting up Richmond last weekend not much has been accomplished with my time off. Noah reminds me that it's good to just sit and relax some, but let's be honest, I'm an extrovert and I recharge with people. Some friends cancelled on coming up this weekend so now my plans are gone. We're still going out to 50/50 tonight with Ashley and some of her friends, but I wish I had done something a little big... bigger with my time off from school. Mostly what I've done is start running with Odin, which at least is a good step in the right direction. 

Oh, and in other news, I'm actually starting to want a baby. My friend Heather had her baby on March 9 and Lindsay and Ashley at church just had their babies. And now Destiny is pregnant! It's like there are babies everywhere in my life and it just makes me want to take that step with Noah. I guess people are telling the truth that the maternal instinct will just kick in. A year ago I probably would say I go back and forth about having kids. Now I know I want them, and sooner than I would have thought. School is still happening for another three years though, so I have to think really carefully about our decisions. 

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