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01 March 2015

Yesterday I met Will at the Espresso Bar for our daily study hours (seriously, it's like we're spending hours together every day just trying to get some decent passing grades). While there I saw Kara and chatted her up for a bit and recently saw a few other friends there while studying. It's a niche little spot on the walking mall and I feel guaranteed to see friends every time I go. Glad we finally got to get out of the pharmacy school to study. While it's a great place to focus sometimes it's nice to change it up. 

I went out to the lake with Odin to prep the house for a party and the lake was not only iced over but also snow covered.

So much white. We were going to do a campfire but I couldn't figure out a way to get the fire pit uncovered enough to keep the logs dry so that idea fell a little flat.

Luckily we can keep ourselves entertained with lots of different games and chatting. 

We also had to push cars out of the snow at the end of the night and that was surprisingly fun. Feeling good.

It was a good weekend after a great week, though now I'm exhausted on Sunday evening before midterm week. Wish me luck!

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