Big/Little Reveal

01 April 2015

I had such a great time on Monday evening with KE. We had our Big/Little Reveal and it was probably the best thing I've done with KE so far, which is saying a lot! First off, Noah and Odin met me at the pharmacy school for a good thirty minute walk around the grounds since I wouldn't see them much otherwise. 

Then, once we reached the assigned time the new members Andrew, Emily, and Brittney opened the PGE conference room door and the new members got to walk in... and see what looked similar to a birthday party. There were presents all across the table for each of the new members from our Bigs and each had a name beside it. We found our names and we had shirts of different colors and patterns. Mine is a light pink shirt with blue and white chevron KE letters and a purple border. Basically the best

Then we got to go hunting around the school for our Bigs. Jeff and I started downstairs and we were trying every door, little did we know no one was actually hidden in the basement. Finally we made our way upstairs and hunted the rooms. Will and Kelly were looking around too. Will made the first find and realized his Big was Mary. Then, after going through more than half of the upstairs I found my Big and it's Michelle! She was wearing a pink shirt too so I knew she was my partner. What a unique way to find out who your Big is. 

Then Kelly found Erin and Jeff found Jordan... and we were told Jeff had a second Big and he had to keep looking. We had checked the whole school! Sure enough though, Morgan had been covered in newspaper in a trashcan for about fifteen minutes. Ouch. Haha, but she was a really good sport about it and we all came out and had cookie cake in celebration of Kelly's birthday and the new members opened their presents. It seriously felt like a whole second Christmas. 

Afterwards we went out to Mexican food to celebrate and all the new Bigs and Littles went (except Erin). We had a great time and three different people covertly told the waiter it was Kelly's birthday so she got a dessert and a song with a big sombrero. 

It was an awesome night! 

Reason to Smile: Best Big ever, Mexican food, my first KE shirt, and an awesome game of hide and seek.

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