Poison Prevention Puppet Shows

17 April 2015

Kappa Epsilon puts on poison prevention puppet shows periodically for kids in the community. We had done one at the preschool at my church (which this photo is from) and last night a group (Chelsea, Emily, Will, Jean, and I) did a series of six shows at the Boys and Girls Club from 4-6. I got to read as Chance the Puppy. This past week we also had elections at our meeting. We're going to be pretty small as a group next year so I ran for a few different positions and you're looking at a KE leader now. Next year I'll be working with our fraternity as the secretary, publicist, and social chair. I'm actually incredibly excited to take on these leadership roles with a group of people that I care about. While the first half of pharmacy school was fine, this semester (as far as friends go) I really feel like I found my niche. Even outside of KE and in the P1 class I feel like I've got my friend group, though it's actually quite hard to chat and keep up with all of our classes and family obligations. 

So fingers crossed I've got academics under-wraps and I can get my fulfillment out of my leadership positions. 

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