Birthday Party

24 May 2015

My birthday party on Friday night may be the best birthday I've ever had. How about I be fair to my memory and say it definitely falls in the top five? 

We started the shindig a little earlier than our typical get togethers, mostly to have some sunshine for some outdoor time. Lots of people brought food and drinks with them and we played rounds of cornhole, canoed, played ping pong, made smores, played with sparklers, and danced with glowsticks to rave music. So many friends showed up that I actually had a hard time talking to everybody. Since summer started everybody has been pretty busy and it's weird not seeing friends that I'm used to seeing every day. I'll recap the entire day shortly, but before heading off to IKEA I wanted to write some of my thoughts out. I really missed blogging as the school year got busier.

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