Diabetic Meal Plan

28 May 2015


After my stint at the VA I'm interested in learning more about diabetic patients and the challenges they face as well as the lifestyle change that is encouraged. After waking up one morning and realizing that I seriously considered eating cake for breakfast (yes, I am incredibly embarrassed to admit I thought about it) I decided that I need to try to eat like a diabetic should for a week. One of the things I considered while shadowing was that, as a pharmacist and health care provider, it is important to relate to your patients. If I'm going to encourage a certain lifestyle I need to be able to do it myself. If a diet is too hard for me, how can I recommend it to my patients? In the same vein, if I can manage a diabetic diet as a vegetarian, then I would feel better about encouraging my patients and offering advice on what they could do to ease the burden a bit. 

Diabetes is actually quite prevalent in my family and that's a lot of the reason I've taken an interest in it. While I am not overweight, I am at the upper end of the range for a normal BMI so it's worth the effort to lose some weight anyways. While I'm at it, the challenge to eat as a patient should can make this attempt a learning experience as well. So, I plan to update with what I ate (and why) over the next week or so. If I fall off the wagon I'll admit it and have to be held accountable. Wish me luck!

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