First Day of Summer

10 May 2015

On Friday I was dog sitting Penny for Will (while the hot shot was off in Arizona helping a friend move). Then I took Odin out to Clearbrook for a good walk. We went around the loop three times and chatted with some people. While he stopped to take a drink from a creek Odin fell into the water since it was a little bit deeper and I got the best laugh from it. It feels so good to be in the sun for a reason other than studying outdoors. My life has been so consumed with pharmacy school I swear I nearly forgot that I had any connections to events, organizations, and people outside of it; that's a sad reality to face. But, summer arrived, my P1 year is over and I am 1/4 of the way towards my PharmD. The sun has been practically my soul mate for the past year and I am so happy to be back in it's warm embrace. 

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