Fresh Start

16 May 2015

Every so often I think we all crave a fresh start. For me it happens when the seasons change, when I find something new to be passionate about, and when I reach the end of a stage of life. So, pretty often I'm ready to wipe my past clean and start anew. 

I just finished my first year of pharmacy school. Did you know? I can't decide if it feels more like the year flew by or if my entire life was spent in room 1008. That's just the way it goes sometimes; I wouldn't change it. Now though, now it is summer. The changing of the seasons, the culmination of a school year, it is a fresh start. Soon I'll have time to revamp this blogging space, to reunite with my passions (introspection, photography, blogging, friends, and Odin), and drink some wine by a lake. It will be the "Summer of Betterment". 

Does this mood strike me often? Yes, perhaps it does. Yet, I'm always looking for a blank page, to create from scratch what the next chapter in my life will be. Look forward to perusing my newest chapter: Summer, Forever 25, and What We Make of It

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