My Faves: May Edition

25 May 2015

{I'm currently typing this post on my back deck in the most beautiful lighting with a cup of coffee beside me and Odin at my feet. This picture is from the lake house but it captures the feel of this moment pretty well too.}

Lets do a round up of our favorite things! I'd love to hear your favorites in the comments or tweet them my way (@allilizer).

In May 2015, these are my favorites.

Restaurant: ZZ Kabob

Blog: Little Things & Curiosities

Song: Drive By, Train (in honor of my carpool & days past)

Class: By process of elimination (and elation!) it must be my IPPE at the VA. It was a fantastic experience!

Meal: Avocado and Egg Salad

Show: Just finished Sex and the City and it was a fun experience

Etsy Shop: Embarrassing moment - I have not been on etsy for a while due to being extremely busy

Instagram Account: @andrewknapp

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