So Much to Say!

09 May 2015

There is so much to say and do! Hard to believe that in the 20 or so days since I last posted so much has happened. Noah and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary, I had another crazy finals week with about 40 hours a week of studying time (outside of class time), my school friends stayed at my house, I dog sat, I became a P2(!!!), we rearranged our basement, I'm picking out paint colors for cabinets and walls, and I'm about to start my rotation at the VA! It's been such a crazy time and I feel like we just careened into summer after work, work, work. Was there ever a time when my life wasn't made up of studying?

I already have plans for Wine Wednesdays, walks in the park with some girlfriends, hikes with KE, and many vacations. Noah and I are crossing our fingers that we get to take a trip the weekend right after my birthday too. I have never been so excited for summer. 

PS - the drink above is the Lavender Lemonade from the Espresso Bar. #Iloveitsomuch

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