Braids of Thrones

18 June 2015

You know two things I love? Braids and Game of Thrones. For the entirety of spring semester I was doing different braids for class each day to try my hand at them all (french, dutch, fishtail, mermaid, etc.) and some are much easier than others. I can french braid all of my hair neatly in about three or four minutes. It's a great example of practice makes perfect. Then when I attempt a mermaid braid it's all sorts of uneven and tends to lean to a side, but the fun part is seeing how much better I get at it after just making an effort. Don't you love the elaborate hairstyles in Game of Thrones? I tend to love Margaery and Daenerys' styles. 

The sad truth this week is that season 5 of Game of Thrones ended on Sunday and we have to wait a year for the next season. I'm afraid the actors are going to be 35 by the time we finish. For the first time ever watching an episode meant that I could be surprised because they are finally deviating/surpassing the books. 

Oh and don't you love that photo of Jon Snow and Ygritte? 

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