Busch Gardens

22 June 2015

We had a great day in Williamsburg at Busch Gardens this weekend. Noah and I headed down to Richmond on Friday to see my sister (I'll share some photos shortly) and Ryan and we shared dinner. Then we headed to Williamsburg around 9pm to check into our hotel with Nic, Bethany, Sam, Ben, and Sydney. After the four hour drive we were pretty exhausted so we went to sleep after chatting for just a little bit. In the morning we all had breakfast together and exchanged stories from the road before heading over to the theme park around 9am. 

We got in and walked quickly through England and Ireland so we could get on some roller coasters. Throughout the day we took turns holding bags and taking rides. My personal favorite was the Verbolten, which also was the favorite of everyone in our group who rode it that day. I loved "Ben & Alli Bonding Time" and getting a lot of exercise in. If I could change one thing I would dial back the 95 degree weather just a tad; as much as I love sun that day was a scorcher.

We stopped at Taco Bell after the park to talk about our experiences and grabbed coffee at Starbucks before hitting the road back to Winchester. The scariest part of the entire day was driving through the torrential downpours in Richmond. People were going 25mph with hazards on for the entirety of 295 and it was a little crazy. We got home safely though and reunited with Odin so it was a great trip!

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