Seattle: Evening

28 June 2015

We are experiencing such a wonderful vacation in Seattle and it's only the first morning. We flew in and landed at 6pm local time (9pm our time) and met with Mitsi and Bret at the airport. After getting in the car we drove around Seattle and ended up right at Puget Sound, which is where our rental is. It's difficult to put into words how beautiful the area is. I did notice the shipyard subtracted from the view a bit as we were driving; it was very industrial. Once you hit the sound though, beauty. Right out our door you can see the sound, which fades into evergreens and strong mountains. Down the street from our rental there are restaurants and coffee shops and the other direction there are many beautiful homes that can claim a view of the bay. 

This morning it's 7am and I'm looking out at the sound after drinking coffee and eating some french toast that Mitsi made for all of us. Can't wait to tell you about exploring this west coast city. 

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