Seattle, Zoo Excursions

29 June 2015

Our first full day in Seattle we started off the day with a gorgeous view of Puget Sound. Mitsi and I walked down the beach until we hit the sandy beach (the point right in front of us is your typical rocky beach). We chatted the whole way down and back before I headed back to the house to see Noah. 

The majority of our day was spent at the Seattle zoo. We walked through and saw so many different animals, saw a raptor show (the falcon was incredible), stopped for food and coffee, and then left and hit Trader Joe's on our way home.

In the evening Bret and I put our photos onto the computers, I started editing, and then we started making dinner as a family. We had hamburgers (veggie burgers), salad, and homemade macaroni & cheese. After the dinner we went on an evening walk around the peninsula. My favorite part was taking photos of all these sights available here. It's hard to put into words, but the lighting is beautiful, there is a salty breeze blowing off of the water, mountains crop up intimidatingly directly behind the sound, the ferries are moving silently across the sound, and having the most relaxing feeling of free time. There are no obligations here right now and I'm a world away from everything I'm working towards. I really like what I'm doing and pharmacy school is a great opportunity; I just feel like this is the first time all summer I've really relaxed and felt like I earned my break. 

So far I love Seattle and I'm really interested in learning more about the city and it's personality. Day one is done and I'll check back in throughout the week to make note of what I'm doing. The feel of the city makes me want to bring an old, leatherbound journal with me to record all my feelings, but alas I'm in the computer age. My mac is my muse and, fortunately, I can type fast enough to get my thoughts down. I'm grateful to have this space online to record events as they happen and look back upon these adventures.

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