Kayaking With My Pup

20 July 2015

{Sorry for the phone photos, but sometimes you have to work with what you've got!}

Do you have some hobbies that you're head over heels for? One of mine is kayaking and being anywhere near the water. Another one of mine is playing with and training my dog, Odin. So naturally I've had the desire to combine the two. Today I did! And it was as amazing as I thought it would be. 

First off, my dog is naturally gifted. Just like every dog mom out there I think that my boy is the best there is. But I have some proof! He is very smart and very brave. It took all of zero treats to convince Odin to get on the kayak. I had sat down in it and paddled around him for a little bit while he was in the lake. Then I pushed up onto the bank a bit. I called him over and had him "touch" it a few times before calling him in. Odin is a very trusting dog (and my companion) and he prefers to be by my side whenever possible; after seeing me in the kayak he had very little hesitation about getting in. 

Sure enough he hopped on in and sat on my legs and I pushed off from shore. Since this was my first time taking him out (and I, ahem, had my phone with me) I didn't go past the depth where I could stand up at chest height while he was on the boat with me. We had a great time paddling around together and I couldn't stop smiling and laughing. It may be one of the top ten cutest experiences of my life. 

Long story short... if you get a chance and you have as brave a dog as mine, you can't miss the opportunity. And excuse the poor video below; I'm sure you understand that it can be a challenge to record, paddle, and balance a dog on your legs in a kayak. 


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