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26 August 2015

Life gets busy and stressful sometimes. Right now I'm in the midst of some big life decisions and starting a new semester of my doctorate program and yesterday was the first day I really started feeling it. You know, it. That feeling of trying to keep your head above water. 

And I realize that one of the things I really miss is taking photos and blogging. I feel so relaxed when I can come home with a semi-full SD card and edit photos for a few hours. Then I can write about my experiences. It's so cathartic to look back over an event and find beauty in it. For the first time in a while I hopped over to BlogLovin' and Feedly to check out some blogs (so many are no longer on GFC and it makes it tough for me). There were photos galore of so many different places, events, and smiles. Women writing about their day, weeks, decisions, and their dreams. 

As I mentioned last week, fitting in your creative side with such a scheduled work life can be a real challenge, but without it I'm going over the edge a bit. I'll be back here soon with photos of game nights, hikes, movie marathons, and some county picnics. Mark my words!

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