Richmond, Pony Pasture

04 August 2015

My sister lives in Richmond, VA and when I get the opportunity I like to drive down to see her for a weekend. This time Noah came with me and we all had a blast. She recently moved into a new house with her fiance and their dog, Coconut. I love seeing her happy and with her family; it's hard to be so far away, but it's easier when I know she's happy and settled. 

Over the course of the weekend we did a lot of fun things. We toured the VMFA art museum, ate dinner at Stella's, had breakfast at Early Bird Biscuit Co. where they make fresh biscuits and jam, enjoyed a morning at Pony Pasture (featured in this post), and did a food tour of Richmond via River City Food Tours

Pony Pasture was really a great spot to visit. We went early in the morning and waded out to some river rocks and sunbathed and chatted. It was fun to watch people wade out to other rocks because about one in ten would end up falling over or losing a flipflop. It's a little harder than it looks to cross a moving river. 

Noah actually caught his own flip flop and Kelsey and I each caught one for other people upriver from us as well. I was grateful for my sandals that strap on because it made walking over the rocks a much easier venture. 

We really had a beautiful morning at the James River and I feel especially lucky to have gotten some quality time with my sister. This world moves so quickly and before I know it pharmacy school will be sucking away my time and make it nearly impossible to take a jaunt away from home. I hope I can hold onto this weekend for a while into the semester and smile.

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