Cozy Rain

30 September 2015

The last two days have had the pitter patter of rain mixed throughout. My alma mater has experienced a fair bit of flooding and our little garden is looking fantastic. 

Yesterday was a whirlwind of patient interviews, exams, and meetings at pharmacy school. That's the professional life. I'm starting to really love it. It was fine my first year, but I've really found a niche of my own. A past president of a different university's ACCP chapter has reached out over Twitter to help our executive board plan seminars. I love that blogs, twitter, and other forms of social media can really make the world a smaller place.

But today... today is a day of relaxation and rest. I have one more midterm coming up (Law) before fall break. So today is cleaning and dancing and cuddling with my dog. Take a few deep breaths and slow down. 

It will pick back up quickly enough. 

For now, I'll keep swaying to my music and grab another cup of coffee. 

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