The Best Parts of My Weeks

01 September 2015

My life is pretty scheduled, which I've talked about before, and I have certain fun things that are always a part of my week. My top two favorites right now are our weekly game nights and biweekly podcast sessions. 

The game nights are a pharmacy school gig, where we meet up once a week at someone's house and play some board games. Well, honestly the games range every week so sometimes it's a card game, board game, or something with an app. The best part is the people though! It's a lot of people from my fraternity who I love and we can always joke and have fun playing together. 

My other favorite regular event is recording our Wife Advice Podcast with our married friends. We mostly like to hear ourselves talk I think, but it is so much fun to check in each week and spend time going through relationship questions. We're hoping to have a couple who has been married for over 26 years on soon too! So I'm pretty psyched in that department. 

It's really nice to have things to look forward to each week!

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