Just Keep Swimming

13 November 2015

We are less than a week out now from finals and the pressure is starting to pick up. So you know what I'm doing in all my free time?


Thanksgiving dinner.

Planning the next pole fitness class.

Wrangling a dinner party. 

Having a step competition.

Basically trying to slam all the friend time in that I possibly can since half of my friend group will be spread across the world (Cali, Colorado, Vietnam!) over the month of December. I love these guys and it's always so tough that we are together when we have to be studying and apart when we actually have time to conquer the world. This morning I'm reading a few blogs before my daily phone call with Heather. We talk about pharmacology every morning now... because obviously we don't get enough of school or each other during the regular school day. 

As much as I want to just hang out with my friends we've definitely been hitting pharmacology and pharmacokinetics. Yeah, I'm basically studying made up words! Sometimes we move so quickly in these classes that I can't believe I'm keeping up. Pharmacy school is tough and I think you need to figure out study habits early and find a support group to keep each other going. 

But, as my favorite professor from undergrad said "You can do anything for three weeks". And I'm down to two... 

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