October Adventures

02 November 2015

 Well... What can I say? October was a whirlwind.

In October I flew across the continent and visited San Francisco for the first time. My first time flying without a family member.

I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.

ACCP hosted their global conference and I went to learn about residencies.

Took 6th place in a Mario Kart Tournament (out of 16).

Made some s'mores at a bonfire.

Won classes at a yoga study and a pole fitness dance class.

My friends and I planned a mustache parade.

Had a plethora of coffee and gelato dates.

Jumped through performance hoop after performance hoop.

Did patient counseling.

My sister came up with her fiance and her pup for a visit!

Learned how to do blood glucose monitoring. I stuck a friend and she stuck me.

And to wrap it up we hosted a Halloween party with some interesting events that I probably won't forget.

Things have gotten a bit crazy around here and I forget to update as life happens and takes over. The holidays are coming up though and I love that season (even if winter shows it's gloomy face alongside the celebrations). Hope you had a great October too!

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