Pole Fitness

09 November 2015

I'm excited to say that I can mark one more thing off of my list! As part of my fraternity's Silent Auction our professors put up packages that students could bid on. The yoga class I talked about recently was another package offered. 

Last night one of my best friends and I went to a Pole Fitness class, which we've both been wanting to do for ages. [See the fiery red head in the first photo.] We had a ton of fun! For your first class you mostly do floor work because lets face it, you need to be incredibly fit in order to do most of your stereotypical pole moves. We did get to learn two spins on the pole last night: The Fireman and the Half Spin. 

They were a lot of fun and as a class full of pharmacy girls we were laughing and being overly dramatic in every action. I almost put a video up here so you could get an idea of the moves we were doing, but decided against it. I think I'll keep the video for myself and my friends. Rest assured though, if you're looking for a good work out and want to find a way to feel confident in yourself and your body pole fitness could very well be for you! Our group took that bottom photo as a joke, but it was a bit harder to get back up after the hour class than we anticipated. And yes, MB is a very comfortable pillow.

Lively music, a fun atmosphere, and girls proving their strength? A+, would try again. 

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