OBX Weekend

09 December 2015

Just had a great trip with friends to the Outer Banks! My best friends and I went to North Carolina for the weekend and finally got to relax together. We tend to get so busy during the semester that we don't have time to actually hang out with one another. We took pictures on the beach, walked the boardwalk, cooked, ate, and played games. It was a great way to kick off break as a team and I hope in the future we can keep up annual trips together as we move and our families grow. 

This year we had two couples, one baby, and two girls for the weekend; I wonder how that will change and grow in the future. Time seems to move faster and faster as you get older. While I am more than ready to be done with school right now, I'm sure I'll look back and realize that it actually flew by so I'm trying to appreciate every one of these moments with my friends now.

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