Wine & Paint Night

27 February 2015

What a week! It's not even over yet, but I'm already wondering if I've had one better than this ever (vacations not included). Yesterday was a productive and semi-relaxing day with only one hour of class. That is unheard of in pharmacy school, but there was a delay for the morning so both labs delayed so we wouldn't have the morning and afternoon groups off from one another. Then, after our class, Will and I headed downtown to the Espresso Bar to study for four straight hours. I don't study well at home and we've been doing a great job at the school, but sometimes you just need a break from being in the same place. He loved the coffee bar and we both order drinks (cappuccino and chai) before sitting down to study. I did notice two of my former classmates there as well studying, which is the fun part of a small town. You always have the chance of seeing people you know and it gives you a good chance to catch up! 

We studied for four hours with the only breaks being when we trailed off on side stories. Then we went back to the school for our KE meeting where we met up with Kelly and Jeff to study. The only unfortunate part of my day was missing the KE social supporting CPFI at their Cici's Fundraiser. It'd have been a lot of fun to join them and chat, but I already had a ticket to go to a Wine and Paint ladies night at Brewbakers. 

I arrived and they sent me to the back room to check in and get my supplies. AJ and her friend Katie were already there so I joined them. I actually ended up seeing another girl I knew who I used to work with as a pharmacy tech, which is another example of a small town. Then more of my friends started arriving and joined us. The artist brought around paints and explained what to do with the first two colors, then would come back around and give us the next colors and tell us how to start on those. It was pretty step by step. We also all had tickets for a beer or wine so I grabbed a moscato to sip on while painting and chatting. All the girls were talking about life and school (and occasionally boys). Sometimes I really undervalue my girl time and then it happens and I keep asking myself why I didn't plan an event sooner! 

This week has just been filled with people I care about and activities that will set the days apart from others in my mind. Now, it's time to go off and study!

A Good Week

24 February 2015

So far it's been a great week for me! Sunday was a fairly lazy day since church was cancelled due to snow. In the evening Noah and I met the Vances and Gates for dinner to celebrate Ben's upcoming birthday at Fridays. Monday was filled with class, but then Will and I studied together for a few hours (interspersed with KE activities & interviews) before we got pinned as potential members for Kappa Epsilon. 

The pinning was a great experience (Kelly, Jeff, Will, and I were brought in) and then the new members, new member coordinators, and another brother went out for Mexican food afterwards on a whim. It was honestly a great first social for us and was the best Monday night I've had in a long, long time. It felt like a Friday night for me. If this Monday evening is indicative of the future I have with Kappa Epsilon then my next few years in pharmacy school should be a blast. 

Then today I had my placement and I really enjoyed that. This will sound odd, but I don't think too much about it until I'm there on Tuesdays and that's a good sign. I dreaded going in to work so much in my "past life", so arriving at work now with no worries and happiness is an incredible feeling. I could do this forever. So far I have really, really enjoyed my placement at the Target Pharmacy and I'm considering working there over the summer (if I can get a tech position there). 

To top it off, I'm getting compliments on my hair every day and it may sound silly, but that means a lot to me. Each day I'm trying a different hairstyle (I think I've gone three weeks straight now without duplicating a hairstyle). After growing up and never caring about looks and finally feeling relaxed enough as a young woman that I'm not stressed over my days... I actually have some motivation to dress exactly the way I want to each morning. Girls are looking forward to seeing my hair each day in school and I enjoy figuring out what style I want to mimic from Pinterest. It's a small thing, but it's been a lot of fun doing the blowouts and, my personal favorite, braids

Phone Dump

22 February 2015

{Presenting a research poster}

{It's been so cold even the lake is frozen}

{Even in winter I love being outside}

{Picking up donuts for P1s}

{study sesh before our practical}

{Rumbleroar tshirt that I'm crazy about}

{Valentine's at Paper and Scissors Rock}

{Making falafel}

{Praise Band on Sunday mornings}

{Finally proof that I met Will.I.Am with my sister}

{Stir crazy and building card castles}

{Speaks for itself... it's been that type of month}

{Pharmaceutics lab}

{Game Night playing Smash Up}

{brrr... walked around the retirement home in the midst of a snow storm}

{Hanging with the puppy}

It's been a busy month so far with no signs of letting up. That's the way I like it though. 


21 February 2015

This whole week I've been sick with a virus and I've had plenty of it. It started about a week ago with a sore throat before my exam and escalated for a few days before a hacking cough started. So sexy. After seeing a doctor my best bet is really to wait it out, which is difficult, but at least it's not strep!

Beyond that, I had my first Kappa Epsilon meeting this week and I'm really happy with my choice of fraternities. We talked about the ceremonies, meetings, and events we'll be hosting and my friends and I are already planning some socials. 

Last night I went to a game night at Jeff's place and they're always so much fun. We played two games, but my favorite was Smash Up. It's similar to a deck-building game, but is also so simple that it doesn't take near the time or money to play most card games. Noah and I brought cookie cake to share and we all laughed it up over some card combos. The second game I sat out and chatted to Mary, Jeff's girlfriend, about pharmacy school. Jeff, Mary, and Will (who were all at the game night) are all either KE members themselves or are potential new members like me. 

Today I was supposed to drive to Baltimore with a group of P1s, but they're calling for 5-8 inches of snow so we had to cancel. It was a bummer because it was a free symposium where speakers would tell us about their experiences at clinical pharmacists. 

In other news... I'm done with winter! My favorite season used to be fall, but the older I get the more I think it's summer. With such limited time I really want to be able to come home and walk Odin by just stepping out of my door instead of adding thicker boots, gloves, a scarf, and ear muffs to my ensemble. Studying outside on my patio sounds like a dream in these cold months. Plus this year I don't have to take a class over summer and that gets me really excited! I'm already looking at swim suits because I'm getting ready to live it up this summer. It's exciting because it will be the first time in my hometown that I'm old enough to do whatever I want AND have my friends from school be around. Most of the pharmacy students aren't leaving for summer because they're paying rent here. Should be a great time!

My Faves: February Edition

19 February 2015

Lets do a round up of our favorite things! I'd love to hear your favorites in the comments or tweet them my way (@allilizer).

In February 2015, these are my favorites.

RestaurantRoma's on the Loudoun mall

BlogA Beautiful Mess


Class: IPPE, for broadening my horizons

MealFalafel (new recipe!)

Show: F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 

Etsy Shop: JaPeyArtnStuff

Instagram Account: @ddhp (because his relationship with my life is like my relationship coach)

Valentine's Day

16 February 2015

We had a great Valentine's Day over here! The morning started with chocolate chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries and coffee. Noah and I took Odin to the lake house to play fetch for a while and to let Odin stretch his legs. Then we came home and made fondue for lunch with boiled potatoes and baguette bread. You know that phrase "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"? I'm pretty sure that works for me too. In the afternoon we went to Paper and Scissors Rock to craft for a little bit (I made a paper lantern and Noah made a candle votive). Then for dinner Noah made falafels, which are my favorite! To close the day we watched Boyhood before falling asleep. 

Walk the Walk

10 February 2015

You know that phrase "walk the walk, don't talk the talk"? To make a good impression, and to show people you really back your beliefs, I think it's incredibly important to be a sermon others see. At the church board meeting last night the Praise Band mentioned that there is a software program we would like to have that would give us unlimited modern music and include the chords, lead sheets, and sheet music. We've had our eye on this for a while. 

The first encouraging thing to happen when we brought up the new software was support from the majority of the board and the Worship Committee offered to cover the costs of the program. At the end of the meeting someone came over to Noah and me and said that they would cover the cost of the software themselves, but that we should keep it to ourselves. So, that gesture made the entire meeting so worthwhile. This is the not the first time this person has impressed me with their ability to walk the walk and single-handedly kept me in the church because of their inspiration and I'm sure they don't know the impact they have had on me. Just a reminder to express your beliefs because you never know who is watching.

Fireside Fun

09 February 2015

Noah and I hosted the first Fireside Fun youth night this weekend. Our education committee at church is starting up a monthly event that brings kids to church members home for fun, fellowship, and a bible lesson. All the host does is provide a space and food and I love to host, so Noah and I signed right up for the first event.

When we got there, we invited everyone inside and the kids started off by playing ping pong while the parents chatted. Noah and I started up a fire outside which was a little challenging since there's been a decent amount of snow and ice here for the past two weeks, but this girl scout knew what she was doing.

The kids ate pizza and had a lesson (and watched part of Lion King too) then came out had some smores by the fireside. We all had a great time!

Soon we'll have the mentor program up and running too, and that's something I'm really looking forward to. I had a mentor and that really helped me get to know someone in the church that I didn't know before. Then in Circle K we started up a Bigs and Littles program and that turned out to be an amazing idea for our organization. When groups get too big, people tend to form cliques a little bit because you get to know a certain small group of people well. Having a mentor program/bigs and littles can really let you get to know someone on an individual basis that you probably wouldn't have otherwise. I love all the kids at church so I'm excited to see who Sydney pairs me up with.

Weekend: Super Bowl Edition

02 February 2015

We all know the feeling... sometimes there's just not enough time. This weekend is a great example; we enjoyed lots of activities with family and friends over the course of three days, but that makes it hard to study and prep for school. That's not saying I would change how I did anything because it was one of the best weekends I've had in a while. 

On Friday night Noah and I went to Jeff's house for a pharmacy game night. We played Small World and chatted with a group of people til about 11 when we ducked out. Noah had to get sleep before working on honor band all Saturday. 

Then on Saturday Noah left early for school only to realize that his key card still didn't work on the building, so I drove up to bring him lunch while the bands took a break since he couldn't leave the building. When I got back Kathy picked me up to take me to Lindsay's baby shower. I always enjoy time talking to Kathy since she's who I call my mom. We drove out to the Sutphin farm and enjoyed some time talking with other women. After we got back home I talked to Kelsey for an hour before heading out to meet Sydney, Trevor, Sam, and Ben at the Taphouse. It's become a sort of weekend tradition to meet up with Sam and Ben somewhere downtown and I love it. It's exactly what I need at the end of the week to hang out and talk. 

Sunday was filled with church and football as I'm sure many other people also experienced. In the morning we played at 8:30 (did I mention how much fun bass has been?), had Sunday School and filled out our mentor/mentee surveys, ate lunch at La Caretta, then came back and practiced Who Am I? by Casting Crowns. We had a little bit of downtime that was used for studying and chatting with MB & Heather before heading back out to Sam and Ben's for the game. As someone who's not a football fan and who likes to get up early I was a little concerned about the length of football games, but of course the ending made the entire viewing worth it. Plus, the commercials were better than last year.

All in all it was the best type of weekend and I wish it could last longer. Alas it's Monday and it's time for exams and Rush week. Still making a decision about whether I'm going to join a professional fraternity or not. Guess I'll hear what they have to say tonight before committing either way. Hope your weekend was great too and that you have a nice week to look forward to.
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