My Faves: March Edition

29 March 2015

{smoothies I picked up for a study session}

Lets do a round up of our favorite things! I'd love to hear your favorites in the comments or tweet them my way (@allilizer).

In March 2015, these are my favorites.

Restaurant: Las Trancas


Song: Homegrown

Class: None. Honestly, I'm so tired of school right now... So many little things to take care of!

Meal: Lentils that Will made. Noah and I have recreated it twice and it reheats for lunch so well.

Show: Glee, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Etsy ShopCarolsAtelier (Got my awesome new phone case from here!)

Instagram Account@srianne

Friday Nights

We had a party on Friday night at the lake and had a good number of friends come out. Initially we were planning on playing some games but we ended up mostly chatting and playing ping pong all night with different groups. Of course, since it wasn't raining we decided to have a campfire as well even though temperatures were in the 30s. Though you know what? The temperature has almost stopped bothering me at this point. When you've been out four times a day to walk a dog in the winter you almost just don't care any more how cold it is (if it's not snowing at least) as long as you can be outside. 

More and more as I get older I feel so happy to have friends and to feel motivated to experience life. I love getting outdoors, hosting parties, and making the most of the years I have. The only difficulty now is making sure I can stay on top of school AND keeping up with my relationships. It's certainly a challenge and maybe it'd be better to study all Friday night and Saturday, but I have to live a little. It's Sunday morning as I write this and Will is about to come over so we can study and we'll try to get caught up form the weekend before our exam this Thursday.

Phone Dump

KE New Member Social

19 March 2015

The new members hosted a social at the lake house last night. We prepped a taco bar for dinner and everyone sat around the table and talked for a good two hours. Then we moved out to a campfire and made some smores. It ended up being the P2s and new members who stuck around for about five hours on a Wednesday night. We chatted around the warmth of the flames and joked for a long time, before I started thinking we should have gotten a chance to go out on the lake. I said as much and Michelle said "me too"! So we went and grabbed some paddles and pulled the canoe out to the water. Jeff pushed us off and we had a great time on the quiet, still water under the stars. It was beautiful. 

It was such an unusual Wednesday night and maybe my favorite ever. This year has been full of surprises and great evenings and the more time I spend with KE brothers the more I like pharmacy school. Finding a really solid group of friends can be such a challenge sometimes, but once you do try really hard not to let go. Ever since Rush week I've finally recaptured the feeling that Circle K gave me at JMU... and that makes me really happy.

KE & Mornings

18 March 2015

This morning I'm a little nervous because the new members are leading a KE social this evening. We haven't talked too much about our plans, but I'm a person who likes to shoot from the hip anyways. It'll be at the lake with a Taco Bar and some games.

When I woke up this morning I went on a search for my pledge shirt and finally realized there was one load of laundry still in the dryer. Found it! Then when I went downstairs for coffee, the sun was shining into our kitchen (around 7:30am) and it was beautiful. Steam came up from my coffee and the sun was on my face. Winter just seems to drag on some years and the older I get the more I appreciate the warm weather and those first days that it hits are marvelous.

Well, I'm about to head to the lake house to get it prepared and I hope that everything goes well. So far I've had a lot of fun with this group and I bet I'll have great times over the years!


Life Goes On

Spring break is winding down and I feel like I had such a lame one. Besides hitting up Richmond last weekend not much has been accomplished with my time off. Noah reminds me that it's good to just sit and relax some, but let's be honest, I'm an extrovert and I recharge with people. Some friends cancelled on coming up this weekend so now my plans are gone. We're still going out to 50/50 tonight with Ashley and some of her friends, but I wish I had done something a little big... bigger with my time off from school. Mostly what I've done is start running with Odin, which at least is a good step in the right direction. 

Oh, and in other news, I'm actually starting to want a baby. My friend Heather had her baby on March 9 and Lindsay and Ashley at church just had their babies. And now Destiny is pregnant! It's like there are babies everywhere in my life and it just makes me want to take that step with Noah. I guess people are telling the truth that the maternal instinct will just kick in. A year ago I probably would say I go back and forth about having kids. Now I know I want them, and sooner than I would have thought. School is still happening for another three years though, so I have to think really carefully about our decisions. 

Game Nights

07 March 2015

Last night we went out to Jeff's place for the weekly game night and it ended up being the biggest group we've ever had. I guess since spring break is starting no one feels the need to sit and study all night on a Friday. 

We ended up playing Pictionary and started off with two teams. Then enough people arrived that we had three teams in the end (with one gaining and losing members each round). By the middle to end of the game my team was Noah, Jordan, and me. This worked out really well since none of us were drinking and had the capability of drawing and guessing really well still. For example, a guy on another team drew the below image for his team. Meanwhile, Noah, Jordan, and me were cracking up because we knew what the image was supposed to be.

Any guesses? The given word was "earthworms" and those in no way look like earthworms. Stuff like this was cropping up all night and usually ended with lots of laughs. Noah and I ended up ducking out fairly early because people brought out the hookah (which we're not into) and were gearing up for a whole other game. 

We've been lucky because we've been off of school for a few days due to snow anyways. Of course, that means some of my midterms have been delayed until after break, which makes break a little more stressful. I'll have to stay on top of my study game throughout the course of the week.

Photo Thoughts

05 March 2015

At first when I saw this picture I thought "how colorful". Then my thoughts progressed to how I wanted to take romantic pictures on the beach at sunset...

And my final takeaway?

I wish my hair looked like hers.

Life Lately

01 March 2015

Yesterday I met Will at the Espresso Bar for our daily study hours (seriously, it's like we're spending hours together every day just trying to get some decent passing grades). While there I saw Kara and chatted her up for a bit and recently saw a few other friends there while studying. It's a niche little spot on the walking mall and I feel guaranteed to see friends every time I go. Glad we finally got to get out of the pharmacy school to study. While it's a great place to focus sometimes it's nice to change it up. 

I went out to the lake with Odin to prep the house for a party and the lake was not only iced over but also snow covered.

So much white. We were going to do a campfire but I couldn't figure out a way to get the fire pit uncovered enough to keep the logs dry so that idea fell a little flat.

Luckily we can keep ourselves entertained with lots of different games and chatting. 

We also had to push cars out of the snow at the end of the night and that was surprisingly fun. Feeling good.

It was a good weekend after a great week, though now I'm exhausted on Sunday evening before midterm week. Wish me luck!
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