19 April 2015

So far it's been a busy weekend! But almost the perfect amount, which has been a blessing. In fact, as I write this it's not even 7am on Sunday. 

Friday evening I briefly mentioned on here. We spent some time on the walking mall drinking wine at Roma's before grabbing Mexican at El Centro's. While there we saw Dr. Jawaid and her family, which was a nice surprise for Mitsi. 

Saturday morning came nice and early with a big exam at 8am. All pharmacy students in the nation need to take the PCOA to help their schools have a basis of comparison. While a lot of students don't enjoy it (and honestly, neither do I), I definitely see the value of it. Then I came home and Noah and I cleaned up the house a little bit while snacking on some crackers and red pepper jelly (mmm). 

We left around 4:30 for his jazz concert in Martinsburg. His group was performing at a spaghetti dinner fundraiser at the high school. Mitsi and Brett also came out for this event and we made bids at the silent auction, ate spaghetti, and listened to some great bands. 

Finally, Mitsi and Brett stayed with us last night and they love the changes we're making to the townhouse, as slowly as they may be coming from our viewpoint. We all got up by 6am to have coffee, watch the sunrise, and say our goodbyes. Noah and I will be heading off to church soon and then the rest of my day will be devoted to school. 

Wine & Thoughts

18 April 2015

Yesterday Mitsi came into town with Brett, but Noah and Nic were still at work so we met at the pharmacy school before heading downtown. Mitsi, Brett, and I stopped at Eugene White's painting studio on Loudoun to grab him and his wife Sarah for drinks. Sarah is also a pharmacist at VHS in Winchester so it was great to meet her seeing as she has a spouse who is following a career in the arts. 

Sometimes I wonder what our future will be like and it's hard to think about waiting three or four years to find out. It can be very challenging for me to stay focused on the present because it feels like if I don't plan and aim for my goals I won't ever get there. Yet, working towards them may hold me up as far as enjoying the present moment. It's a lot of give and take you know?

Poison Prevention Puppet Shows

17 April 2015

Kappa Epsilon puts on poison prevention puppet shows periodically for kids in the community. We had done one at the preschool at my church (which this photo is from) and last night a group (Chelsea, Emily, Will, Jean, and I) did a series of six shows at the Boys and Girls Club from 4-6. I got to read as Chance the Puppy. This past week we also had elections at our meeting. We're going to be pretty small as a group next year so I ran for a few different positions and you're looking at a KE leader now. Next year I'll be working with our fraternity as the secretary, publicist, and social chair. I'm actually incredibly excited to take on these leadership roles with a group of people that I care about. While the first half of pharmacy school was fine, this semester (as far as friends go) I really feel like I found my niche. Even outside of KE and in the P1 class I feel like I've got my friend group, though it's actually quite hard to chat and keep up with all of our classes and family obligations. 

So fingers crossed I've got academics under-wraps and I can get my fulfillment out of my leadership positions. 

Pharmal 2015

12 April 2015

We went to Pharmal last night and had a good time chatting it up with KE brothers. We met downtown at 5pm to take some group photos on the courthouse steps. With a little (okay, a lot) of extra time we stopped at Red Fox Creamery for some ice cream and had drinks at Piccadilly's before moving to the upstairs reception room for a party. We had a great time prepping, good time chatting and at dinner, but the DJ was a disappointment all in all. Every single song he dropped the bass. No joke, it was a little obnoxious and we left at 10:30 and in three and a half hours he hadn't played a single slow song. Come on man! It was a great time with KE people though, which is a great thing because that's how our hangouts usually go. We've got a really good group.

Family Hike on South Marshall

KE Big/Little Reveal in Photos

Catching Up: KE Rush Night

Big/Little Reveal

01 April 2015

I had such a great time on Monday evening with KE. We had our Big/Little Reveal and it was probably the best thing I've done with KE so far, which is saying a lot! First off, Noah and Odin met me at the pharmacy school for a good thirty minute walk around the grounds since I wouldn't see them much otherwise. 

Then, once we reached the assigned time the new members Andrew, Emily, and Brittney opened the PGE conference room door and the new members got to walk in... and see what looked similar to a birthday party. There were presents all across the table for each of the new members from our Bigs and each had a name beside it. We found our names and we had shirts of different colors and patterns. Mine is a light pink shirt with blue and white chevron KE letters and a purple border. Basically the best

Then we got to go hunting around the school for our Bigs. Jeff and I started downstairs and we were trying every door, little did we know no one was actually hidden in the basement. Finally we made our way upstairs and hunted the rooms. Will and Kelly were looking around too. Will made the first find and realized his Big was Mary. Then, after going through more than half of the upstairs I found my Big and it's Michelle! She was wearing a pink shirt too so I knew she was my partner. What a unique way to find out who your Big is. 

Then Kelly found Erin and Jeff found Jordan... and we were told Jeff had a second Big and he had to keep looking. We had checked the whole school! Sure enough though, Morgan had been covered in newspaper in a trashcan for about fifteen minutes. Ouch. Haha, but she was a really good sport about it and we all came out and had cookie cake in celebration of Kelly's birthday and the new members opened their presents. It seriously felt like a whole second Christmas. 

Afterwards we went out to Mexican food to celebrate and all the new Bigs and Littles went (except Erin). We had a great time and three different people covertly told the waiter it was Kelly's birthday so she got a dessert and a song with a big sombrero. 

It was an awesome night! 

Reason to Smile: Best Big ever, Mexican food, my first KE shirt, and an awesome game of hide and seek.
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