Diabetic Meal Plan

28 May 2015


After my stint at the VA I'm interested in learning more about diabetic patients and the challenges they face as well as the lifestyle change that is encouraged. After waking up one morning and realizing that I seriously considered eating cake for breakfast (yes, I am incredibly embarrassed to admit I thought about it) I decided that I need to try to eat like a diabetic should for a week. One of the things I considered while shadowing was that, as a pharmacist and health care provider, it is important to relate to your patients. If I'm going to encourage a certain lifestyle I need to be able to do it myself. If a diet is too hard for me, how can I recommend it to my patients? In the same vein, if I can manage a diabetic diet as a vegetarian, then I would feel better about encouraging my patients and offering advice on what they could do to ease the burden a bit. 

Diabetes is actually quite prevalent in my family and that's a lot of the reason I've taken an interest in it. While I am not overweight, I am at the upper end of the range for a normal BMI so it's worth the effort to lose some weight anyways. While I'm at it, the challenge to eat as a patient should can make this attempt a learning experience as well. So, I plan to update with what I ate (and why) over the next week or so. If I fall off the wagon I'll admit it and have to be held accountable. Wish me luck!

Summer Bucket List

27 May 2015

Ready for a summer bucket list? I already started one with my Big and we will need to hop on it when she gets back from California, but these are my goals for this upcoming summer. I'll do my best to check in weekly (similar to back when I did 101 in 1001). 
  1. Create a thankfulness jar
  2. Lose 10 pounds
  3. Have a weekly wine catch up session with my girlfriends
  4. Blog at least 3 times a week
  5. Finish the "bathroom project" (painting, fixtures, borders, etc.)
  6. Visit Richmond
  7. Teach Odin "Bang!"
  8. See a concert at Jiffy Lube Live
  9. Watch a Royals game
  10. Hike once a month
  11. Host a party once a month

My Faves: May Edition

25 May 2015

{I'm currently typing this post on my back deck in the most beautiful lighting with a cup of coffee beside me and Odin at my feet. This picture is from the lake house but it captures the feel of this moment pretty well too.}

Lets do a round up of our favorite things! I'd love to hear your favorites in the comments or tweet them my way (@allilizer).

In May 2015, these are my favorites.

Restaurant: ZZ Kabob

Blog: Little Things & Curiosities

Song: Drive By, Train (in honor of my carpool & days past)

Class: By process of elimination (and elation!) it must be my IPPE at the VA. It was a fantastic experience!

Meal: Avocado and Egg Salad

Show: Just finished Sex and the City and it was a fun experience

Etsy Shop: Embarrassing moment - I have not been on etsy for a while due to being extremely busy

Instagram Account: @andrewknapp

Birthday Party

24 May 2015

My birthday party on Friday night may be the best birthday I've ever had. How about I be fair to my memory and say it definitely falls in the top five? 

We started the shindig a little earlier than our typical get togethers, mostly to have some sunshine for some outdoor time. Lots of people brought food and drinks with them and we played rounds of cornhole, canoed, played ping pong, made smores, played with sparklers, and danced with glowsticks to rave music. So many friends showed up that I actually had a hard time talking to everybody. Since summer started everybody has been pretty busy and it's weird not seeing friends that I'm used to seeing every day. I'll recap the entire day shortly, but before heading off to IKEA I wanted to write some of my thoughts out. I really missed blogging as the school year got busier.

Fresh Start

16 May 2015

Every so often I think we all crave a fresh start. For me it happens when the seasons change, when I find something new to be passionate about, and when I reach the end of a stage of life. So, pretty often I'm ready to wipe my past clean and start anew. 

I just finished my first year of pharmacy school. Did you know? I can't decide if it feels more like the year flew by or if my entire life was spent in room 1008. That's just the way it goes sometimes; I wouldn't change it. Now though, now it is summer. The changing of the seasons, the culmination of a school year, it is a fresh start. Soon I'll have time to revamp this blogging space, to reunite with my passions (introspection, photography, blogging, friends, and Odin), and drink some wine by a lake. It will be the "Summer of Betterment". 

Does this mood strike me often? Yes, perhaps it does. Yet, I'm always looking for a blank page, to create from scratch what the next chapter in my life will be. Look forward to perusing my newest chapter: Summer, Forever 25, and What We Make of It

First Day of Summer

10 May 2015

On Friday I was dog sitting Penny for Will (while the hot shot was off in Arizona helping a friend move). Then I took Odin out to Clearbrook for a good walk. We went around the loop three times and chatted with some people. While he stopped to take a drink from a creek Odin fell into the water since it was a little bit deeper and I got the best laugh from it. It feels so good to be in the sun for a reason other than studying outdoors. My life has been so consumed with pharmacy school I swear I nearly forgot that I had any connections to events, organizations, and people outside of it; that's a sad reality to face. But, summer arrived, my P1 year is over and I am 1/4 of the way towards my PharmD. The sun has been practically my soul mate for the past year and I am so happy to be back in it's warm embrace. 

So Much to Say!

09 May 2015

There is so much to say and do! Hard to believe that in the 20 or so days since I last posted so much has happened. Noah and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary, I had another crazy finals week with about 40 hours a week of studying time (outside of class time), my school friends stayed at my house, I dog sat, I became a P2(!!!), we rearranged our basement, I'm picking out paint colors for cabinets and walls, and I'm about to start my rotation at the VA! It's been such a crazy time and I feel like we just careened into summer after work, work, work. Was there ever a time when my life wasn't made up of studying?

I already have plans for Wine Wednesdays, walks in the park with some girlfriends, hikes with KE, and many vacations. Noah and I are crossing our fingers that we get to take a trip the weekend right after my birthday too. I have never been so excited for summer. 

PS - the drink above is the Lavender Lemonade from the Espresso Bar. #Iloveitsomuch
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