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26 August 2015

Life gets busy and stressful sometimes. Right now I'm in the midst of some big life decisions and starting a new semester of my doctorate program and yesterday was the first day I really started feeling it. You know, it. That feeling of trying to keep your head above water. 

And I realize that one of the things I really miss is taking photos and blogging. I feel so relaxed when I can come home with a semi-full SD card and edit photos for a few hours. Then I can write about my experiences. It's so cathartic to look back over an event and find beauty in it. For the first time in a while I hopped over to BlogLovin' and Feedly to check out some blogs (so many are no longer on GFC and it makes it tough for me). There were photos galore of so many different places, events, and smiles. Women writing about their day, weeks, decisions, and their dreams. 

As I mentioned last week, fitting in your creative side with such a scheduled work life can be a real challenge, but without it I'm going over the edge a bit. I'll be back here soon with photos of game nights, hikes, movie marathons, and some county picnics. Mark my words!

The Scheduled Life

18 August 2015

It's been just over a week since classes started for my second year of graduate school and I realize already that I'm incredibly grateful for a solid group of friends in the program. My study group and I created a study schedule this Saturday (seen above) while going over some of our lectures and I feel suddenly calmer about the mountains of reading and lectures. When you don't have it scheduled out it feels as if you're constantly struggling to keep your head above water: if you're doing work you feel like you never have free time, but if you try to go out and have a social life you feel like there's a dark cloud over your head. By scheduling your hours, even if it means you only have one day a week off, you feel freedom during your time off while still managing your workload. What a difference it makes!

Beyond classes, Noah and I also have a whiteboard calendar, a meal plan board on our fridge, and a gym workout schedule. That blue planner in the picture is my life force at school this year with all of my assignments. All in all, having these intensive schedules really allows me to get my high priorities in. Our social life is top notch with game nights, podcasts, movie marathons, and spontaneous ice cream trips. Our work lives are on par and we are keeping that very balanced. 

The only struggle I have is fitting my creative life into the mix. It's 8am on a Tuesday morning (and my class starts at 10am today) and I'm editing photos, writing a blog post, and editing a podcast that I'll upload to SoundCloud soon. That aspect of my life is not quite as high a priority as school and friends so it tends to fall to the wayside, but I'm not willing to let go of it. My goal is to get at least two blog posts in a week and I'll probably start jumping back onto the prompts. I'll also be sure to share some links to our Wife Advice Podcast on here! 

Back to School

11 August 2015

After a really good summer, classes started up again yesterday. It's very odd to walk in for the first day of classes and already know every face that is in the room with you. It feels good to move on in school as a group and help each other; we've already got google notes, study group dates, and organization meetings. 

Honestly after some aimless time off I'm ready to get back in the swing of things. There are so many different plans on the horizon for different parts of my life and each of them excites me. I feel like I'm about to step into the biggest juggling game of my life, but luckily I have a great support system and think that if I'm about to drop a few balls I can toss a few to a friend. Teamwork makes the dream work right? 

Richmond, Pony Pasture

04 August 2015

My sister lives in Richmond, VA and when I get the opportunity I like to drive down to see her for a weekend. This time Noah came with me and we all had a blast. She recently moved into a new house with her fiance and their dog, Coconut. I love seeing her happy and with her family; it's hard to be so far away, but it's easier when I know she's happy and settled. 

Over the course of the weekend we did a lot of fun things. We toured the VMFA art museum, ate dinner at Stella's, had breakfast at Early Bird Biscuit Co. where they make fresh biscuits and jam, enjoyed a morning at Pony Pasture (featured in this post), and did a food tour of Richmond via River City Food Tours

Pony Pasture was really a great spot to visit. We went early in the morning and waded out to some river rocks and sunbathed and chatted. It was fun to watch people wade out to other rocks because about one in ten would end up falling over or losing a flipflop. It's a little harder than it looks to cross a moving river. 

Noah actually caught his own flip flop and Kelsey and I each caught one for other people upriver from us as well. I was grateful for my sandals that strap on because it made walking over the rocks a much easier venture. 

We really had a beautiful morning at the James River and I feel especially lucky to have gotten some quality time with my sister. This world moves so quickly and before I know it pharmacy school will be sucking away my time and make it nearly impossible to take a jaunt away from home. I hope I can hold onto this weekend for a while into the semester and smile.

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