Cozy Rain

30 September 2015

The last two days have had the pitter patter of rain mixed throughout. My alma mater has experienced a fair bit of flooding and our little garden is looking fantastic. 

Yesterday was a whirlwind of patient interviews, exams, and meetings at pharmacy school. That's the professional life. I'm starting to really love it. It was fine my first year, but I've really found a niche of my own. A past president of a different university's ACCP chapter has reached out over Twitter to help our executive board plan seminars. I love that blogs, twitter, and other forms of social media can really make the world a smaller place.

But today... today is a day of relaxation and rest. I have one more midterm coming up (Law) before fall break. So today is cleaning and dancing and cuddling with my dog. Take a few deep breaths and slow down. 

It will pick back up quickly enough. 

For now, I'll keep swaying to my music and grab another cup of coffee. 

Hill High Farm 2015

Big Love

27 September 2015

Last Friday a friend took some professional photos for me, which I really appreciate! It's nice to have some photos of myself in my white coat to put on Linked In and my professional twitter. While we snapped photos my Big from KE stayed and watched and we even got some photos together. This semester is almost halfway over. Time is flying like it never has before in school. I think it's a combination of really getting into my classes this semester and being involved in some organizations (like KE) that I really care about. 


08 September 2015

Never underestimate the ability you have to raise someone up or tear someone down. 

Feeling Mighty Fine

07 September 2015

Guys guys guys. 

I've had a great weekend! So far I got a car, went to a backyard movie theater and watched Chef, had a great time at Life House Church for a refreshing start to the week, worked on the Breast Cancer Survivor Dinner invitations, swam in my dad's pool, and had strawberry daiquiris. 

Today we'll be recording a new episode of Wife Advice (our relationship podcast) with some special guest stars near to my heart, having a study session, and meeting Jeff to play Sentinels. If anything, it's a little busy and I could almost use some down time! But, for me, that's a good problem to have. 

Wednesday Down Time

03 September 2015

Yesterday was my day reserved for placement, but since I don't start until October I essentially get a day off as long as there are no meetings. Let me tell you, after that pharmacology exam on Tuesday that was much needed! I realized that I haven't actually gotten to just relax since about the day before school began. 

Let's see, what did I do? It was all such a blur.
  • Tore down wallpaper in the bathroom (arms are sore)
  • Had two cups of coffee
  • Did dishes
  • Worked on a podcast
  • Edited a summer video
  • Went grocery shopping
  • Took Odin to the lake house and played fetch
  • Visited the Virginia Farm Market to get produce and a pumpkin
  • Ran 1.2 miles with Odin
  • Talked to P1s about their exam
  • Made lots of different toasts for dinner
That's actually a pretty good summary. It was a fun day all in all and I really needed to relax. Now my fingers are crossed that we can go purchase a Kia Soul this weekend. Noah and I have been spending a lot of time on this decision, but his dad is going to help us out with purchasing a new car. I think we've landed on the basic Soul, so cross your fingers we can talk them down into our price range. 

The Best Parts of My Weeks

01 September 2015

My life is pretty scheduled, which I've talked about before, and I have certain fun things that are always a part of my week. My top two favorites right now are our weekly game nights and biweekly podcast sessions. 

The game nights are a pharmacy school gig, where we meet up once a week at someone's house and play some board games. Well, honestly the games range every week so sometimes it's a card game, board game, or something with an app. The best part is the people though! It's a lot of people from my fraternity who I love and we can always joke and have fun playing together. 

My other favorite regular event is recording our Wife Advice Podcast with our married friends. We mostly like to hear ourselves talk I think, but it is so much fun to check in each week and spend time going through relationship questions. We're hoping to have a couple who has been married for over 26 years on soon too! So I'm pretty psyched in that department. 

It's really nice to have things to look forward to each week!
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