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19 January 2016

You know that exhaustion and emotional high you feel after working on something for a long time? That feeling was my entire weekend! I was lucky and got to see some of my best friends every single day this weekend and that is an incredible feeling. My friend Mary and I had been working on this competition since the beginning of December and, finally, on Friday night all that hard work came to fruition and it was a BLAST. Everyone loved it. Of course, I thought the event would be fun and all or I wouldn't have committed my time to it, but the response has actually been overwhelming (from judges, participants, audience, and even incoming students. 

While nothing should be done for accolades or thanks, I will say that the sentiments of everyone after the show were a wonderful surprise. Mary brought this idea to our chapter and as social chair I was the lucky chosen one to help her with it. And I cannot express how amazing my Brothers are that with our size we pulled off one of the best events of the year for the event's first time off the ground. In just about every way KE reminds me of Circle K that I was a part of at JMU, except if anything we may be a tad goofier. And that is a great feeling.

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