02 January 2016


Near the end of the year and the beginning of the next I always start evaluating my life and what I would like to see more of. Do I believe January 1st is an arbitrary date? Yes, perhaps. Do I think it matters? No. I think it's good to examine yourself and your life goals deeply and often. January 1st marks a clean slate for many people; the previous year doesn't disappear but something about a clean planner or calendar just denotes freedom. 

As is typical I have created some resolutions for myself. Only one is particularly concrete right now so the others I'll work on to make them a little more "measurable". There are three in total: get fit, find a creative outlet, and become disciplined. 

Getting fit is a very long-term goal for me. It started before the New Year with a revamped focus on MyFitnessPal. My goal is to lose twenty pounds by summer with a rate of one pound per week. So the initial stages will focus on diet. I plan to reevaluate every week and determine how to best start adding in a workout routine. Based on my past experiences when I try to focus on my eating habits and exercise it becomes overwhelming. So for now I'm giving myself a slow start in order to focus solely on food. Then as the weeks start moving I'll add in more fitness to gain muscle. 

Finding a creative outlet is a little more of a fluid goal for me. I'd like to try new things while still taking some time to keep up with blogging and photography. My sister and I did some paintings with wine over winter break and I'm watching some hand-lettering tutorials. It's been a lot of fun! 

Lastly, discipline will be a challenge. This goal is less of an action than it is a lifestyle. I don't want to procrastinate and I don't want to feel stress because of work hanging over my head. As a student (and in pretty much every other aspect of my life) when work gets thrown at me I tend to get that drowning feeling. Even when it's not supposed to be a lot of pressure. I've gotten better about that in a lot of ways. This semester I'd really like to tackle it head on. This has been continually improving with me and I know I'm actually probably better at it than a lot of people or graduate school would be impossible, but I want to be downright GOOD at it. So, I'll check back with you soon when I have ways to measure this progress.

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